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Prototypes are our passion – so good ideas don't just stay ideas.

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Industry 4.0 is more than a buzzword. We support you in implementing your ideas and using new methods profitably.

Software Prototypes

Fast, budget-flexible proof-of-concept projects enable optimal decision-making for larger investments.

Complete Projects

From the first idea to various prototypes until completion – we are at your side to assist you in word and deed.


Crowdcoding: A young and modern IT service provider.

We unite our external perspective, knowledge about cutting edge technology and the necessary know-how to implement it. This ensures we can not only show you the path forward, but also go all the way with you.

Our work flow is well structured and adabtable to your needs:

1. Analyze the current situation

We get to know the application field and the previous procedures. Only those who understand the current state can improve it.

2. Definition of the problem

In a workshop we interview future users. Here we paint a precise picture of the problems and potentials.

3. Brainstorming

In a brainstorming phase expectations and ideas are collected and potential solutions are found. In cooperation with our customers these solutions are tested for viability and feasibility.

4. Proof-of-concept prototype

This is where the project takes shape. In a short timeframe we develop a working prototype with the requirements defined in the workshop.

5. Live Integration

We add desired capabilities to the prototype and help with the integration of the resulting product into the existing live-system.

Our Projects

Click on the subjects below to get to know our diverse projects!


RWTH Hackathon 2016

Fleet Management System for DSA

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AUDI Smart Factory Hackathon 2016

Forecasting data with Machine Learning

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AUDI Kreathon der Logistiken 2018

Camera-based forklift assistance system


RWTH Hackathon 2017

Development of a Smart Contract based on a blockchain for 3M


RWTH Hackathon 2018

Route optimization for car sharing providers to increase fleet battery loading levels


Hack.IAA by DigitalLife@Daimler 2017

Intelligent emergency warning system

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Techtalk: How does a blockchain work?



Constructing a tool for the visualization of car pre-orders

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Forecast of logistics data with machine learning

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Local Software Developer

Smartphone app development for rental car reservations


Automotive OEM

Automatic detection of objects in 3D pointclouds


Klang und Farbe

Support during the construction of a new web presence

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Our Services

Machine Learning

Whether it is self-driving cars, automatic face recognition or predicting the future: Machine Learning is rapidly becoming an integral part of our world! It uses a variety of tools to find patterns in large datasets, with which a computer can for example classify pictures or create sales forecasts for the future. Crowdcoding IT Solutions has experience with a lot of Machine Learning tools, so we can advise you on everything from data collection to data analytics.

IT Infrastructure

If you want to digitize you first need appropriate infrastructure. A server with cloud storage and suitable plugins for project planning or administration makes bothersome bureaucracy easy and keeps everyone on the same page. It also allows everyone to work from everywhere. We support you in finding and setting up the right backbone for your project!

Hardware Prototypes

Microcontrollers and IoT allow automatisation and support humans by making their job easier, more efficient and less prone to errors. Whether visual assistent systems for forklift drivers or automatic tracking of inventory – we can build the perfect product for your niche!

Lectures and Presentations

You are looking for someone to introduce your team to current topics to take digitization and Industry 4.0 into your own hands? Or you are just curious? You have come to the right place! We will come to you and inform you about the current state of technology on a topic of your choosing.

Data Mining

To analyse data, it first has to be collected. This sounds easier than it is. We can show you how to efficiently collect, store and process your data to make the most of it! This goes for both internal data and publicly available data.

Web & App Development

For every backend there must be a frontend. Being able to access data and processes without a hassle is just as important as having them. Whether website or app – we build an interface according to your requirements!

The Crowd

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stud. Business Administration & Engineering M.Sc.

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stud. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc.

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stud. computer science & data science M.Sc.

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Electrical Engineering M.Sc.

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stud. Business Administration & Engineering B.Sc

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